Because Healthcare Costs
Too Much Already

Identification & Recovery of

Improper Healthcare Claim Payments

Partnering with ClaimInformatics dramatically improves your ability to uncover billing/payment errors & reclaim lost assets
Recover The Money

Once improper payments have been identified, we begin to respectfully and diligently collect reconcile and deposit your refunds on improper payments. Automated tracking and follow-up on denials and appeals rapidly accelerate the timeline on your refunds from start to finish.

Discover Billing Errors & Payment Inaccuracies

Our sophisticated coding and data mining capabilities with flexible integrated rules engine have been designed to capture all national coding and payment guidelines applicable for state, federal and private health plans. Our sophisticated coding and data mining capabilities have a flexible integrated rules engine and embedded Episode of Care logic that transcends standard audit checks.

Gain Unprecedented Insights

We'll review our findings with you to help you better understand the dynamics of your healthcare plan. You will learn how errors occurred and ClaimInformatics will recommend solutions to reduce future improper payments.

Markets We Serve

ClaimInformatics can work with any organization in the United States that has responsibility for healthcare and pharmacy claims and has over one thousand lives covered.

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