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About ClaimInformatics

At ClaimInformatics, our healthcare and pharmaceutical claim review will discover and recover improper payments in your healthcare claims. Furthermore, you can count on us to continuously monitor your claims. That will ensure your full recovery potential is realized. We’re confident in our approach: we offer alternative billing options including performance-based compensation of your healthcare claim review and recovered funds, a fixed price tied to members per month, or a hybrid combination of both.


Our Advisors

Our Strengths

Experienced Management Team

A team of experts with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical claim review and recovery services. A track record of producing returns ranging from 2% to 20% of total healthcare expenditures.

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Our system is a comprehensive, fully-integrated, cloud based platform designed with speed and accuracy

  • Over 3 million up-to-date rules (NCCI, CPT, CMS, Payer Specific and more)

  • Dynamic, “smart” system with continuous improvement

  • Data secured and encrypted

Highly Secure


ClaimInformatics operates with a set of values that drives everything we do. With Transparency in mind, we conduct ourselves with the utmost Integrity while fostering an environment of Innovation. We believe our customers deserve solutions of the highest Quality and it is our Responsibility to deliver. Through all our actions, we treat each other and our business partners with Respect and provide Recognition for achieving our High Standards.

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